Air-Edel Studio 1 is one of the most versatile spaces in London and is frequently used for recording rock bands, jazz groups, string sections, grand piano and chamber orchestras. It can easily accommodate 20 plus string, brass and vocal line-ups and is perfect for film and television scores, bands, orchestral overdubs and large ensemble radio plays.

AERS Studio 1 Live Room large

With a high ceiling, live and dead spaces and floor to ceiling baffles, ambience and spill can be controlled easily. Our Steinway B grand piano is regarded as one of the finest in London.

As the only large tracking room in the heart of London, it is perfect for those in need of both an incredible sound and a central location. We’re only a short tube journey, taxi ride or walk from the post-production houses of Soho, the West End and Theatre Land and the BBC at Broadcasting House. Session players certainly love recording here because we’re so easy to get to even when carrying instruments.

AERS Studio 1 Control Room 5

The control room is centred around the last Cadac studio console ever built, recording to Pro Tools HDX2 or 24 track tape and monitoring on a Dynaudio 5.1 system with a choice of nearfields, complimented by an excellent selection of both vintage and modern outboard compressors and reverbs as well as a great choice of plug ins. Any session can easily be synchronised to picture.

A separate client lounge is right next to the control room if you need to relax away from the session or work in peace on something else.