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            'The Little Drummer Girl' Receives BAFTA TV Nomination for Original Music

            28th March 2019

            We are excited that composer?Yeong-wook Jo has received?an original music nomination in the BAFTA TV awards for his original score for BBC One series ‘The Little Drummer Girl’.

            The series, based on the John le Carré book of the same name, stars?Alexander Skarsg?rd, Florence Pugh and Michael Shannon and?follows the manipulations of Martin Kurtz, an?Israeli?spymaster who intends to kill Khalil – a?Palestinian?terrorist?who is bombing?Jewish-related targets in Europe, particularly Germany – and Charlie, an English actress and?double agent?working on behalf of the Israelis.

            Nick Taylor?worked with composer?Yeong-wook Jo?to record his score at British Grove, returning to Air-Edel to mix.?Andy Glen?was the?music editor and?Matt Biffa?was the music supervisor for the series, assisted by?Ciara Elwis.