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            'Sibéal - Live At Abbey Road Studios' EP Released

            1st March 2019

            Sibéal has released her debut EP ‘Sibéal – Live At Abbey Road Studios’ on Universal Music Ireland.

            The first tracks from the EP ‘The Parting Glass’ and her cover of ‘Human’ by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man were released earlier this year. Nick Taylor?recorded the EP at Abbey Road Studios and returned to Air-Edel Recording Studios to mix and master.

            When you hear her sing, you can’t help but be drawn in by the emotive delivery – a key part of the sean-nós teaching that’s passed on. Since songs aren’t written down, everyone’s incarnation of a song is different. “You’re rewarded for putting your own stamp on it”, she says. “I’ve been taught innately that it’s always important to think about the words. I feel everything when I’m singing. I’m not really conscious of an audience; I’m always in my own world just singing. It’s a very peaceful moment for me. I feel like when I sing these songs it’s not just me, it’s like another type of force that’s coming through them. It’s really empowering and emotional for me to sing.”

            Listen to the EP.